Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why I love Taiwan #reason2

#Reason2 -- Starbucks

The number of times I've been to Starbucks during these past few years in Taiwan is actually more than the number of times I've been to a Starbucks in Malaysia my entire life. LOL

Not because I've won the lottery, simply because they have so many promotions going on and sometimes I enjoy studying there.

For instance, whenever you buy tickets from Ibon ( another awesome service available at all 7-11 stores, where you can pay your bills, buy transport tickets or concert tickets etc ), as long as your ticket is over NTD 100, you can use that ticket when you visit any Starbucks and get a buy one get one free offer.
Sometimes they don't really look at your ticket and my friend once bought a ticket from Ibon that cost only NTD 20 and used it to claim the buy one get one free offer from Starbucks. And guess what? He succeeded. LOL

There was another promotion going on not long ago, which works like this : you show them this picture below, via your smart phone or ipad or whatever, and u get to enjoy their buy one get one free offer!
This kinda promotion happens quite often, as a matter of fact, they're having this promotion now ! :D

Jave Chip Frapuccino is definitely my favorite !

I always have friends asking me if I wanna join them for coffee at Starbucks cause they have this Ibon ticket and they want to use it
However they've changed their deal and now instead of getting the second beverage for free, its 50% off your second beverage. Boooo :(

Since I'm posting bout Starbucks, I wanna take this opportunity to thank a friend of mine who bought me a Starbucks mug as christmas present. I just casually told him I wanted a Starbucks mug but still wondering whether to buy it cause it cost like, rm 40 and its just a mug -___-

Anyway, my friend gave me this on Christmas and I really wanna thank him for giving me this awesome Christmas present :) Thank you sooo muchhhh, I'm surrounded by awesome people! So much love !