Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Knitting a Scarf

It's now 10/1/2013, 3:59am.
My roommates have all slept
I actually wanted to write this post in Chinese at first, but I just wanted to share with you guys so badly and im afraid some of you cant read chinese, so ....

Anyway, why am I up so late? Cause I'm knitting a scarf for CG!!! ❤❤
Obviously he doesn't know it yet, I'm gonna give it to him at the airport when he goes back to Macau for our winter break 

Well I'm not even halfway there yet, I'm gonna let  u guys see where I'm at :

I'm really so excited bout this! It's really fun and not to mention it's my first time knitting a scarf for someone. I think I know what I'll do when I'm on the flight back to Malaysia. I'll knit!! Knitting will definitely kill my boredom

Well why do I suddenly feel like knitting him a scarf? 
1. It's really cold in Macau during winter
2. He doenst have a scarf
3. My friend Jia Vui mentioned to me how she was knitting a scarf for her gf (but she gave up  = = )
4. I just felt like giving him something special since I wont be seeing him for a month during winter break 

So that pretty much sums up how it started. 

I have a few people to thank for for this to be made possible. 

Firstly it's my classmate LiangYu cause I dont know my way around Kaoshiong at all and he was kind enough to drive me around in search of woolen yarn. Even after we found the store selling yarns he was patient enough to listen to me yapping on and on bout which brand and color to choose. He suggested Navy Blue but in the end I chose Black cause I think black is easier to match. When we walked outta the store I realize I've spent half an hour in there just choosing yarns. He even told me which method to use (apparently there's two ways of knitting a scarf and both uses different tools)
Liang Yu took a picture of me when I was in a dilemma of which color to choose 
I was trying to imagine how each colour would look like on CG. LOL

Secondly it's my roommate YiPing. I had no experience in knitting and I was planning on searching for tutorials on Youtube. Then when she walked into the room, I just casually asked if she knows how to knit using 針板, without really expecting her to say yes, but well, she said YES!! OMG she is just so gifted it's like she knows how to do everything. She even ties her hair with a string. yes!! just a long string, not even a rubber band. It's actually exam week now and again she's kind and patient enough to spare some time for me and teach me how to knit a scarf. I'm surrounded by very lovely people :')

Anyway I really love the result, look at the pattern! 

There's actually 2 ways of knitting a scarf, either using knitting needles or knitting looms. In this case Im using a rectangular knitting loom :
If you use knitting loom you'll need this too : 

Who would have thought you can make a scarf just by using a simple rectangular board and a stick like that? 

While knitting I found some things that amazed me. 

1. How the yarn didn't snap even though I was pulling at it with considerable amount of strength. You have to pull the yarn below and place it on top of the intertwining yarns above, and sometimes you'll have to pull really hard 

2. How can someone come up with such a knitting method? 
  Sometimes I have no idea what I'm doing and Im just doing what my roommate taught me to and the outcome in the end I get a very nice scarf. This is how I felt like when I was knitting : 

I mean , just look at this, it looks just like shoe lace 

3. Seeing it born

LiangYu and YiPing told me how this works : you knit on top and gradually a scarf forms from this rectangular hole. I was so excited cause I was dying to see how it'll turn out but you have to knit a few rounds before it comes out from that hole. I felt like I was giving birth to a scarf . When I saw it I was like, Oh, finally I see the head!! :')

It actually reminded me of a paper shredder too, just that this works the other way round . 
Spot me and CG's picture in the background ! LOL

Anyway, I think knitting requires alot of patience. It's not hard at all once you get the hang of it since it's just repeating the same thing again and again until you get the length you want. But I actually had to start all over again after knitting for 2 hours just because I left one out and I only realized something was wrong after repeating a few cycles. YiPing told me the yarn would come off and the scarf will be ruined if I ignore it. SIGH. Had to redo the whole thing just because of these two loops! Look how much I've knitted :(

But I guess every cloud does have a silver lining cause during my first time knitting the scarf, I realize the holes were a lil bigger than I wanted. I didnt want the scarf to be too loose cause I think it won't last long that way. The method that YiPing taught me was a little bit different from what was shown on the box when I bought the knitting loom. 
So Yi Ping suggested I try the one shown on the box, she thinks the holes will be smaller if we use that method. 
And guess what? I think the holes actually got smaller and I prefer this better than the first :)
And YiPing was so kind, she saw my face all depressed because I had to start all over so she offered to knit for me till the scarf was as long as how it was :'(

This was the brand of the woolen yarns that I bought :

There's some samples of the different types of woolen yarns that they have in store, all knitted into a scarf, and we can touch and feel the material before deciding which one to buy. 
The store owner told me this is their best selling yarn, and it feels really comfy too. 
It's not 100% wool though. 
Some of the yarns feels like table cloth = =
One skein of yarn costs 120 NTD(about rm 12), this is the most expensive yarn that they have in store. 
Others may cost only 70NTD or so. 
It's suggested that three skeins should be enough for a scarf, depending on how long you want it to be.

Well I actually wanted to take a picture of him wearing the scarf at the airport he left for Macau, but we were in such a hurry i forgot bout it. 


We broke up like, 2 months ago. 

I guess there's no more point in posting pictures of him wearing the scarf anymore, but I really wanted to share this post since it's my first time knitting a scarf from scratch. so yea.. 

Till next time :)

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