Monday, June 24, 2013

It's 彩虹眷村 !!!

 ZW brought me to  彩虹眷村 yesterday and I was so so excited!
I've wanted to go there for a very long time cause I saw my friends posting pictures on Facebook and that place seem really pretty

 From what I gathered,  彩虹眷村 is a very old village and it's famous for the drawings on the walls of their houses.
 They're all drawn by the villagers themselves! 
There's a few  眷村 in Taiwan, the one I went to is in Kaoshiong , and there's another famous  彩虹眷村 in Taichung as well. 

ZW came here once with his classmates and he said that a lot of stuff are gone now cause this place is gonna be demolished soon.
Almost all of the villagers have already evacuated and the buildings broken down.
So I'm glad at least I got to come here before it's completely demolished. 

Our first picture together at 彩虹眷村 

Got some of these pictures from other bloggers cause I only took pictures with us in it

Trying to imitate the bunny in pink dress but failed  = ="

 There's all sorts of different drawings on the walls, there's no specific theme to it and the villagers just drew whatever they liked.

Choppa from One piece! 
And a map of the village

 Asked him to strike a pose and he chose to squat down and draw circle *faint

He saw his name on the wall and just had to take a picture with it

 One of the drawings I loved the most !

 This felt like stepping into another world

 Again, his usual Ah Beng look

I really really loved mummies so I just had to take a picture !

This is really cute !
They used the window as his head

I'm definitely a cat person. Meow

Got the picture from another blogger as well, when I went there the mailbox was already gone :(

Look! the mailbox was already gone when I went there.
I actually thought it was a drawing of a robot and the square is the head
But looking at other people's pictures I realized the square is actually his neck.
Awww I should have came here earlier ! :(

Samurai Doraemon !

I actually haven't used them in a while cause it's too bulky for me to carry around
But ZW asked me to bring it along, and we took some really pretty polaroid pictures ! 

Ending my post with a GIF of me, trying to do a ballet pose  
Super retarded. 


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