Friday, December 7, 2012

Why I love Taiwan #uniformnight

There's actually alot of reasons why I love Taiwan, but sometimes I'm so used to this place that when my friends ask me what I like about Taiwan, I can't think of any.

I wanted to write a post on this and believe it or not I actually wrote Starbucks as my first reason, but I haven't published it yet though

People always ask me , what is it like to study in Taiwan. 
A lot of them have this idea that studying in Taiwan is for those  less smart or that its just not a good choice to study here. Even my coach once asked me, why Taiwan?
I honestly dont have an answer, all I could say is, it's not as bad as what others say. 
I guess people just think its not a good choice because everyone prefer going to a western country.
Even though admittedly it's really different studying in Australia and in Taiwan, but every Uni has its own style and method, so it's unfair to say which is better. 
Whichever Uni I graduate from , I'm still a doctor, so it makes no difference to me. 

I believe everything happens for a reason. 
I'm glad that I'm here in Taiwan now cause I've met alot of amazing people and made great friends.
Even though when I first got to Kaoshiong I hated it so much cause I'm so used to my life in Taipei and all my friends are there, but if I'm given a second chance, I wouldnt have it any other way. 

The people here are awesome! Most people have this misconception that all Taiwanese are like what we see on TV, but my classmates are totally different.
Not all Taiwanese are party animals. Some of my classmates have not even been to a KTV their entire life.
Uni life is super fun too!
There are so many activities here, every other week there's a different tournament going on, I can spend one whole evening at the basketball court supporting my own Uni or my faculty etc.
There are many clubs or associations for you to join, Uni life can be really interesting if you want it to be.
I don't know bout other countries, but I think universities in Taiwan are really really fun!! 

There are so many things going on all year round, I guess I'm gonna blog bout it more in the future :)

First I'm gonna write bout this activity we had last night :)

All faculties have this activity called 制服之夜, aka uniform night
Basically its just us freshmen performing a sketch for the sophomores. 
It's a tradition and I think all Unis in Taiwan have it.
At least CK's uni has it too.
So last night was my faculty's uniform night. 

They divided us into different regions, according to where we came from. 

There's 6 groups : North, Middle, South, Kaoshiong+Pingtung 1&2 (there's too many of them), and Others, which includes us foreigners and those from Taitung,Penghu and Jinmen.

We spent days and weeks preparing for this sketch, there were lots of rehearsals and we had to make props too. If my parents find out that I spent most of my time rehearsing for sketches and making props, they would think that they sent me to a drama school instead. 

I didnt take any pictures of our group while we were rehearsing, so I had to steal some photos from other groups lol

郁澤 trying on my tube lol

This was taken at 2am, the night before our uniform night. 
We rehearsed until 3am 

Needless to say, most of the guys had to wear dresses and take on female roles
Not to mention its also their custom for the sketch to be "yellow", even though some say we overdid it this year lol

Stage decorated by my classmates

Some of the stills from our sketches :
K-P 1

Northern Region

Middle Region

'Others' Region

Southern Region

This is my dress he's wearing! 
This is the second time I've lent my classmates this dress, and they kept asking me if I'm ever gonna wear i again cause it seems that they have ruined the dress.(sad face)

Finally, a picture of us dancing   :D

Last performance of the night

After all the performances there's this voting session where we stick a love shaped paper onto the representatives: 

Our representative, Steven

Let the counting begin! 

Surprisingly , we came in first! yay!!
honestly it was a huge surprise cause we didnt have much props and other groups did an amazing job 
But I guess our hard work paid off   :'| 

After everything ended the only thing left to do is to take lots of pictures! 

Jimmy the strawman and Steven the lion

Our ending pose!

"Others" Region

Another prop by the Middle Region

Southern Region

Tainan's very own incredible Hulk

Kaoshiong-PingTung 1

Kaoshiong-PingTung 2

The sophomores 

Obviously I must take pictures with the people who borrowed my clothes 
Look at his sexy fishnet stockings !

Another one of my outfits !
This is 育謙, we always borrow each other's clothes. Teehee
My rommie said to me after the performance: I keep seeing your clothes on stage! LOL

Seeing him wearing my skirts and denim shorts makes me feel so miserable, just look at his legs! 

Just to prove my point , I'm gonna upload another picture of him wearing my body hugging skirt, during one of our annual activities - 吃東西大賽
The shirt and the skirt both belongs to me LOL

He's even hotter than me ! orz